Admiral Rabinder Dhowan is the new Navy Chief | Adm Dhowan takes over two months after Adm DK Joshi resigned as Navy chief over naval accidents | MH 370: Bluefin-21 search for missing aircraft continues | Search for missing Malaysian Boeing 777-200 enters 6th week | Australia confident four pings received early April are from the missing aircraft | Search area is around 60,000 sq km and Australian | PM says search will take a long time | US denies visa to Iran's UN envoy designate for being involved in 1979 siege of US embassy in Teheran | India suggests global No First Use Convention on n-weapons | Millions vote in India to elect a new Government for 5 years | 14 aircraft and 13 ships continue search for missing Malaysian Boeing 777-200 airliner | Aviation industry now thinking of new generation of aircraft Black Box and transponders | India, Japan hold a second round of talks on US-2 amphibious aircraft for India | India invites foreign investment in aerospace ventures at Global Aerospace Summit in Abu Dhabi |
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IAF Day Special Edition 2012

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C130J Aircraft

IAF inducts Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Aircraft

Hindan Air Force Station. Giving impetus to the long standing strategic airlift of the Indian Air Force (IAF), Defence Minister... +Full Story
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MoD UPDATES Interim Defence Budget 2014-15 At `2,24,000 crore (approximately $37.333 billion, assuming exchange rate of `60 to a US dollar), the interim defence budget...
India’s Interim Defence Budget 2014-15 New Delhi. On February 17, 2014, the Finance Minister while presenting the Interim Union Budget 2014-15...
Blacklisting Policy leading MoD into Blind Alleys Three inter-linked developments in the last as many months have demonstrated yet again that MoD’s policy, such as it...
Debarment of Sellers – a Multi-dimensional Dilemma TThe strategy of the Indian Ministry of Defence (MOD) to deal with corruption in defence deals is built around the pre-contract integrity pact (PCIP).
Defence Procurement Procedure 2013 – will it resuscitate defence industry in India? New Delhi. The Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2013 was released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD on June 01, 2013.
India Approves Major Changes in Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) to Encourage Indigenous Industry New Delhi. The government has amended the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) to improve efficiency in the procurement...
India’s Amended Defence Procurement Procedure: What it means for the Indian and Global Players New Delhi. The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) of the Ministry of Defence took a series of decisions on April 20, 2013 to infuse greater efficiency in the procurement...
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Nitin Mathur Luthra


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Indian Navy's Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Vikrant

New Delhi. The Indian Navy will launch its first indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC-I) designated INS Vikrant August 12 at Kochi in southern India, commission it in 2018, and hopefully begin construction by then on a second +full story
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Foreign Affairs»

US envoy Nancy Powell resigns

New Delhi. US Ambassador to India Nancy J. Powell has resigned for personal reasons... +full story

Russia regains Crimea

Is Ukraine the battleground for the next cold war or is Crimea the 21st century’s Sudetenland? Is Russia following Hitlerelian tactics in annexing Crimea?... +full story

China's rising Defence Expenditure

While India's interim defence budget for the financial year (FY) 2014-15 has remained stagnant in terms of the Rupee-Dollar exchange rate and inflation, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has been given a 12.2... +full story

US proposes $ 495.6 billion defence budget

Washington. President Barack Obama has proposed a defence budget of $ 495.6 billion, for 2015, just 0.4 b than the 2014 allocation. +full story

India-Israel Relations

Israel and India are intense strategic partners. Both countries were created at approximately the same time and despite different perceptions have all along been reliable partners. +full story

India’s moment in Iran

Until creation of Pakistan in 1947, India and Iran had been neighbours. Sharing of a common civilisational space over millennia had given birth to a close cultural identity..... +full story
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Homeland Security»

Peace in Kashmir

We are a functioning democracy. There have been times when we have muddled through crisis situations and survived and occasions when we have come up with brilliant solutions to our problems. +full story

A Non-Invasive Scanner for Airports

Hyderabad. Scared of invasive X-ray scanners at airports? +full story

UAE to invest US$10 billion in 10 years in homeland security : US study

Abu Dhabi. The UAE is set to double its spending on homeland security from US$5.5 billion to more than US$10 billion in the next 10 years, according to a US study on security and safety resources. +full story

Cyber: The new theatre for personal, gang and state wars

With increasing dependence on cyber space and the internet, our vulnerability to aggressors – whether it is terrorists, criminals or hostile countries, is also increasing. +full story
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Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems: The Game Changer

CLAWS, the Indian Army's think tank, has just published a new book on Pakistan's tactical nuclear weapons. Jointly edited by Brig (Retd) Gurmeet Kanwal amd Monika Chansoria, Pakistan's Tactical Nuclear Weapons has chapters on various facets of TNWs written by eminent nuclear analysts.

What India can Aspire for in Unmanned Systems and Cyber Warfare

The current approach to the US national security relies on technological superiority over the adversaries and not on overwhelming numbers of weaponry, as was the case during WW II

Unmanned Aerial Systems and Robots

By Major General (Retd) PK Chakravorty
As the title suggests, this is a timely presentation of what is perhaps the foremost issue in the Asia-Pacific region.

Indian Navy’s Quest to employ and equip its warships with UAVs

THE PRINCIPLES of war do not vary, but advances in technology bring about changes in warfare and employment of weapons and systems.+More Stories


Counter Terrorism and Global Learning

Terrorism is a global phenomenon, and developed and developing countries around the world have equally felt the scourge of terrorist attacks.+More Stories
ScorpenesIndian Navy»

Ship Building and India's Offset Policy

Introduction: Post Kelkar Committee Recommendations, the Ministry of Defence introduced the Offset provisions in its DPP 2005 to leverage its big ticket arms acquisition to bring in FDI, Joint Venture arrangements and counter trade arrangements to boost India's indigenous defence industry capability.+More Stories

Ethos of the Indian Army

An Institution is like a freshly planted sapling which has to be painstakingly cared for and nurtured before it grows into a fruit bearing tree. Its ethos is the culture and a set of values based on which it grows.

India, China strategic cooperation must for changing world

New Delhi. It is self-defeating and futile to put China always in a framework of a foe. If we want China to change for India, we too must change our perspective and de-Americanise our outlook regarding the largest neighbour, often seen as the biggest challenge too.
Siachen: Glacial Hopes

Finding a Solution to Siachen

More than a week after the terrible avalanche at Gayari (in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir) buried nearly 110 Pakistan Army soldiers and another 70-odd civilians, there is no sign of recovery in spite of Pakistan using every possible effort and even heavy machinery to shift the thousands of tonnes of snow that has settled above the unfortunate victims of nature’s anger. Any and every human being who can visualise the tragedy cannot remain unaffected.

Demilitarisation of Siachen

Last fortnight when Gen Kayani, the Pakistan Army chief made the statement that Pakistan was ready for demilitarisation of Siachen, peaceniks from both sides enthusiastically took up the refrain, looking at it as an opportunity to settle a major bone of contention, reduce tension and improve relations between the two countries. Shortly after, Gen Kayani again talked about resolving the Siachen issue and blamed India for hardening its stand.

India's regional aspirations

New Delhi. The fact that India is a rapidly growing global power has been repeatedly talked about in various forums for the last 7-8 years.

ITBP may get air wing to better guard China border

New Delhi. The paramilitary Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), which guards the border with China , may get an air wing to better patrol the frontier, its director general said Oct 25.

Rockwell Collins offers modular future-proof Satcom capability

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. As SATCOM technology continues to evolve rapidly, the Rockwell Collins family of mobile CommuniCase SATCOM terminals minimises the risk of technological obsolescence with a flexible modular design.

Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap 2013

The Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap (TPCR) released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and posted on its website late last month provides a glimpse of the technologies and capabilities that the armed forces would be looking for in the near future.
exclusive Indian Navy: Aims for Three Aircraft Carrierst
exclusive India moves towards n-triad as INS Arihant's reactor activated
Light Combat Helicopter Geronimo
LCA Tejas Takes Off with IOC-II exclusive Operation Geronimo
Indian Air Force 78th Aniversary Celebrations
DRDO fires on »
Quote“Air superiority is not a given. If we can’t provide it, everything we do on the ground and at sea will change,” US Air Force Chief Gen. Mark Welsh (as quoted by CBS on F 35 programme)