IAF already has an order for 22 Apache Attack Helicopters with Boeing । Apaches for the Army are to have the same configuration । There will no more field and firing trials । Army has projected a requirement of 39 helicopters । MoD sanctions combat helicopters for the Army for the first time । Six Apache AH 64E to be given to the Indian Army as a beginning । India Marks 70th Anniversary of Independence Day August 15 । India Strategic Congratulates All Indians Everywhere । HAL Successfully Installs Israeli AESA Radar on a Jaguar aircraft । IAF Bases at Pathankot and Jorhat Upgrading Infrastructure to Receive Boeing Apache Attack Helicopters in 2018 । Dinesh Keskar, Boeing Sr VP Sales for India and Asia Pacific for Civil Aviation, says the region will account for 40% of aircraft sales । China will be the biggest market and India after that । India remembers its heroic martyrs on Kargil Vijay Diwas July 26 । Ram Nath Kovind sworn-in as 14th President and Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces । Iraq Foreign Minister Dr Ibrahim al-Jaafari visits India July 24-28 । He called on Vice President Hamid Ansari, EAM Sushma Swaraj and discussed host of bilateral issues । Indian NSA Ajit Doval visits China to take part in BRICS NSA meet । Indian NSA’s visit comes amid India-China Dokalam stand-off । G20 should collectively oppose terrorism financing, franchises, safe havens, support and sponsors: PM Modi at Informal BRICS leaders meeting in Hamburg, Germany । He appreciated momentum in BRICS under the Chairmanship of President Xi and extended full cooperation and best wishes for the BRICS Xiamen Summit in Sep, 2017 । President Xi appreciated India’s strong resolve against terrorism । The Chinese President also appreciated India’s success in economic and social development and wished India even bigger success । US lifts personal electronics ban on Emirates, Etihad and Qatar airlines । Passengers on these three carriers can now carry their laptops and tablets along with them for flights to all destinations in the US । India, Israel sign 7 agreements including on space technology, agriculture and water conservation । Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Tel Aviv for his 3-day visit to Israel from July 4-6 । The visit, termed as ‘historic,’ is the first ever by an Indian PM to Israel । Israeli PM Netanyahu breaks protocol to receive PM Modi at the airport and accompany him on his engagements । PM Modi visits Holocaust Memorial Museum at Yad Vashem । PM Modi’s visit comes at a time when the two nations are celebrating the establishment of 25 years of their diplomatic relations । Happy 4th of July to all our friends in the U.S । India launches communication satellite GSAT-17 June 29 । GSAT-17 was launched using European Ariane 5 launch vehicle from Kourou, French Guiana । Government gives ‘in principle’ approval for disinvestment of Air India, 5 of its subsidiaries । Prime Minister Modi-headed CCEA gave its approval to fourth tranche recommendations of NITI Aayog on strategic disinvestment of CPSE June 28 । Possible sale of one more Boeing C-17 aircraft to India approved – Pentagon।brating 70 years of Diplomatic Relationship ।
August 18, 2017
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UAE is a world leader in cybersecurity career guidance: Survey

Abu Dhabi, UAE. Most young Emirati adults have received career guidance in cyber-security, according to a new survey commissioned by Raytheon Company and the US National Cyber Security Alliance.

Among the youth of 12 countries surveyed across four continents, more millennials in the UAE heard about cyber careers from teachers and know what cyber professionals do than their peers abroad.

For the report, titled “Securing Our Future: Closing the Cybersecurity Talent Gap,” Raytheon-NCSA surveyed nearly 3,800 young adults aged 18 to 26 worldwide. The survey, conducted by Zogby Analytics, included respondents from the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and eight other countries outside the Middle East region. The goal was to identify the root causes of the cyber talent gap as part of a shared, long-term commitment to building a robust talent pipeline.

The survey found that:

•72 per cent of Emiratis were given career guidance in the field of cybersecurity, compared to the 56 per cent average found in the Middle East and double the global average (34 per cent)

•84 per cent of those surveyed in the UAE are aware of the typical job responsibilities of cybersecurity professionals, compared to the 45 per cent average worldwide

•63 per cent of Emirati youth have met with cyber professionals, mostly to discuss career opportunities in cybersecurity, compared to d 31 per cent internationally

•66 per cent of youth in the UAE are more likely than a year ago to consider a career in cybersecurity
•61 per cent of young adults in the UAE have been offered the skills that prepare them to pursue a career in cybersecurity

•70 per cent of young Emirati adults reported reading or hearing a news account related to cyberattacks, compared to 48 per cent globally

“The UAE has long invested in creating diverse career opportunities for Emirati youth to excel across a multitude of fields, and the survey results are a testament to these national efforts,” said Chris Davis, president of Raytheon International Inc. in the UAE. “The need for properly trained cybersecurity professionals to help protect against cyber threats is on the rise in the Emirates and globally.”

Earlier this year, Raytheon launched an international Cyber Academy with the first specialized workshops at Khalifa University. The effort is part of the company’s partnerships with leading educational institutions and its commitment to support the development of knowledge economies worldwide.

Raytheon partnered with the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington to sponsor the UAE Security Forum in Abu Dhabi, to focus on a key topic of global and national security: bridging the cybersecurity talent gap.

Dr. Hadi Otrok, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at Khalifa University added, “We have placed great emphasis on building a robust cybersecurity curriculum at Khalifa University, in light of the UAE’s increased commitment to connected living. The promising results of Raytheon’s survey will undoubtedly help encourage our students to vigorously pursue careers in cybersecurity.”

Survey results were released concurrent with RSA Abu Dhabi 2016, held November 15-16.




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