India’s legend, Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh passes away। Terror attack in London Tube, many injured । Police, Emergency Services Respond Well । London on high alert । North Korea fires a ballistic missile over Japan again, and threatens to sink the island state । UN censures North Korea, and so does most of the world, including India । Prime Miinister Abe’s visit to Ahmedabad brings Japan and India closer। New Delhi and Tokyo condemn terrorism, and Pakistan’s role in promoting it । India and Japan agree on multi spectrum cooperation, including in defence । Global majors present new warfighting and anti terrorism technologies at DSEI in London । India will set up 28 nuclear reactors at five sites to generate 32,000 mw । India, China agree to disengage troops at Dokalam ।
September 21, 2017
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Pakistan, Baluchistan and Islamabad’s Spin of Conspiracies

May 2017

Ever since India captured one of the eight terrorists of the 26/11 Mumbai carnage in 2008, alive, and executed him after a long fair trial, Pakistan has been threatening revenge. Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab was caught on CCTV cameras while murdering innocent people with assault weapons he had brought along from ISI and ISI-sponsored terror outfits.

Initially, Islamabad had denied that Kasab or his accomplices were Pakistanis. Although his barbaric acts were clear on the CC Television footage, still the Government of India gave him a lawyer for defence, and even food of his choice.

Pakistan, actually its official terror outfit ISI, known in the diplomatic circles as International Sabotage Institution, is always onto something against India. On its agenda is denigration of Indian political leaders like the Prime Minister and Defence Minister, senior military officers and diplomats, drug smuggling and distribution of narcotics to border areas in India, infiltration into the society and getting its agents to create unrest and whatever sinister can be thought of.

Pakistan has always done this. It is strange that rather than looking after the development and education of its own people, it unnecessarily taunts India. Over the past few years however, new dimensions in geopolitics have also emerged.

Pakistan had occupied one third of Kashmir soon after the independence and given part of it, Shaksgam Valley, to China as a bribe towards collusion and winning support. An ambitious China now wants to link its western areas by road through this occupied Indian Territory and Pakistan to Gwadar, a strategic port on Baluchistan’s Arabian Sea coast.

Pakistan had also forcibly occupied Baluchistan, and only a few years back, its last ruler, Nawab Bugti, was executed for demanding independence by General Musharraf. As for Gwadar, it was controlled by Oman, which first offered to sell it to India, but after New Delhi showed disinterest due to the distance from the mainland, it was given to Pakistan for just $3 million.

Gwadar is now priceless, and will fill Pakistani coffers for generations to come.

Beijing wants to build the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor through occupied parts of Kashmir. It has acquired some 5,000 acres in Gwadar, and leased thousands more along the CPEC for four to five decades. Construction of the Gwadar port is just about complete.

India instead is trying to cooperate with Iran for infrastructure at its Chabahar port to reach the Central Asian countries.

It was from there that Pakistani terrorists abducted a retired Indian naval officer, Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was working there post-retirement like all retired personnel do anywhere, and tried him in a secret military court without access to India.

Notwithstanding the legal process which is now before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague, the abduction and sentencing of Jadhav is one of Pakistan’s continued senseless and sinister acts against India, and to divert attention away from huge concessions in land and lease given to China.

There are undercurrents for independence in Baluchistan, despite poverty and Islamabad’s attempts to keep its people backward. Diversions like Hate India campaign will not work for Pakistan, and history will prove it one day.




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